Overrider Bars for your 356 Porsche


All reproduction overriders are hand made to original specifications and custom fitted to your bumpers using 28mm German tubing.

Overrider Bars

Reproduce new low or high front overrider bars (1956-1959)

Reproduce T1 rear long bars (1956-1957)

Reproduce T2 rear right and left bars (1957-1959)

Bumper Guards

Complete restoration of any 356/356A bumper guards back to show condition

Replacement guards available

New 303 stainless studs available

Restoration or replacement of exhaust funnels

Deco Strips

Complete restoration of used decos

Deco installation services

911/912 Rear "Nudge Bars"

Reproduction of factory bar (1965-1973)

911/912 Amco bars

Original front and rear bars available on request